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Dual K&J-Type High Accuracy Thermometer

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  1. -200 to 1370C x 0.1C below 1000C Type K

    -200 to 1100C x 0.1C below 1000C Type J

    Measures in C, F or Kelvin, user selectable.

    55mm dual LCD display with backlight and function indicators.

    Dual input thermometer accepts two inputs with individual measurements or as differential measurements, T1 minus T2.

    Sampling rate of 2.5 times per second.

    Data Hold/Min Max Memory.

    Average function of the last 10 measured values.

    Auto power off.
  2. Range: -200 to 1372C, -328 to 2498F, Type K; -200 to 1100C, -328 to 2012F, Type J

    Resolution: 0.1 <1000, 1 > 1000C

    Accuracy: (0.5%rdg +2C ) (<0C) & (>1000C); (0.15%rdg +1C) (0 to 1000C)

    Power: 1x 9V PP3 alkaline battery (ALR-61)

    Dimensions: 185 x 66 x 33mm

    Weight: 245g
  3. K&J-Type Thermometer, Soft Carry Case, 2x 950mm Bead Probes and Battery