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Digital Floor Hygrometer

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  1. The Digital Floor Hygrometer is designed to assist flooring professionals in determining the equilibrium relative humidity (erh) of floor screeds and sub floor slabs as set out in BS8203 and BS5325.

    The standards state that a sub floor is considered dry at an erh of 75% or less.

    The hygrometer incorporates an accurate thermo hygrometer which indicates both relative humidity and air temperature.

    The thermo-hygrometer also records min and max values, whilst it remains switched on. The memory will be lost once the instrument is switched off.

    By recording the min and max values, it is possible to see if any under floor heating has been switched on, or what the overnight temperature might have fallen to.

    It has a battery life in excess of 5000 hours.

    It has been pre-calibrated at 75% RH (3%) at 20C and should not require further attention.

    Supplied with one roll of Class A Hygrometer Sealing Tape (also available separately).

    This item is also available for hire!
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