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Concrete Test Hammer

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  1. An indispensable non-destructive test instrument for concrete products and structures.

    Easy to use for quick and approximate measurement of the resistance to pressure of manufactured concrete products.

    The principles on which it works are based on the rebound impact of a hammer on a piston that rests against the surface of the concrete products: the greater resistance of the concrete the greater the rebound impact.

    By reading this rebound impact on a scale and relating it to curves on graphs supplied with the instrument the resistance to compression in Mpa or PSI can be found.

    he test hammer may be used for non-destructive control on cement during construction of factories and bridges.

    The tests make it possible to learn the strength of impact which depends on the resistance of the agglomerate in the absence of large inert lumps or clusters of sand and gravel. From the force of the impact the resistance of the agglomerate surface can be deducted and subsequently the resistance of the concrete.

    With the aid of the test hammer the quality of the concrete in every part of the construction can be quickly examined and the hardening of various castings can be followed.

    Full user instructions supplied.
  2. Measurement range: 5.120N/mm˛

    Impact energy: 2207N/mm˛

    Limit of use: Concrete thickness > 100mm

    Weight: 1.8kg
  3. Concrete Test Hammer, Pencil, Abrasive Wheel with Box, Station Template, Container of Phenolphthalein with Nebulizer and Rigid Case.
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