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Comp-Mark Electronic Level

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  • The NivComp series combines very robust design with new user-friendly features - intelligent flashing indicator, >>HOLD<< function and anti-drip protection. 
  • Flatness and gradient measurement levelling on marked lines and opposite sides of a wall between ditches and rails - even when there are obstacles that prevent a clear view. 
  • This single-operator system offers a wide range of possibilities and solutions for craftsmen and engineers in areas such as:
    - Floor Construction.
    - General Measurement and Reconstruction.
    - Flat Roof and Stairway Construction.
    - Tile-Laying.
    - Plumbing and Drains.
    - Gradient Measurement.
    - Installation of Shuttering and Concrete Floors.
    - Alignment of Slatted Ceilings and Floors.
    - Building and Façade Work. 
  • The Comp-Mark carries out effective measurement thanks to:
    - Direct display of relative height readings.
    - Single button operations. 
  • Typical accuracy of <2mm over a total measuring range of up to 48m - with level reading display that can be calibrated manually. 
  • No alignment needed, no tripod necessary.
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