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Big Industrial Wipes

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  1. Ideal for the workshop, office, home or on the move.

    No need for lots of cleaners.

    No need for dirty towels.

    No need for soap and water.

    One wipe does the lot.

    Cleans paint, adhesive, oil and more from hands, tools and surfaces.

    Paint - acrylic, spray, sealants, effective even 24 hours after the paint has dried.

    Adhesives - epoxy stains, spray glue, silicone sealant, rubber cement.

    Grease - oil, lubricants, ink, dirt, grass stains, grease, petroleum based products.

    General cleaning - will refresh and clean old paint and sealants. Ideal for stain removal from most work surfaces.

    Cares for hands - with added vitamin E.

    90 wipes.
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