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YSSC Hire Fleet

Need to stretch your money? One-off job requiring a special piece of kit? Ask about our Hire Fleet!
Here at York Survey Supply Centre we constantly update our Hire Fleet to ensure our customers have access to up-to-date, calibrated instruments.
Many of our usual sale products from measuring wheels and damp meters to lasers and total stations are also available for hire.
All our instruments are available on a flexible hire basis with a reduced weekly charge for long term hires over subsequent weeks.
We will deliver across the UK mainland and in most cases we can offer next day delivery!
We at YSSC are rightly proud of our quality hire service. We are continually adding to our already extensive range of instruments and if your requirements aren't included in our regular hire catalogue, please contact us and we assure you that your enquiries will be treated with the prompt attention on which this company has built its reputation!
If you require any further details or availability information feel free to contact the hire desk on +44(0)1904 692723.

Comp Mark - £20.00 per day; £40.00 per week
Leica Runner 20 Level - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Level Mark 20 - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Digicat - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Digitex - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Ezicat 100 - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
LO-K8 CAT - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Sonde for Locator - £5.00 per day; £15.00 per week
Covermeter - £40.00 per day; £80.00 per week
Endoscope - £30.00 per day; £60.00 per week
Pro-Vision 100 Flexible Endoscope - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Video Endoscope - £30.00 per day; £60.00 per week
Trupulse 200 - £20.00 per day; £40.00 per week
Yardage Pro Sport - £15.00 per day; £30.00 per week
Disto Classic 5 - £10.00 per day; £25.00 per week
Disto D3a - £10.00 per day; £25.00 per week
Digital Lux Meter - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Hand Held Metal Detector - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
MBL Metal Detector - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Zircon Multiscanner Pro - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Digital Floor Hygrometer - £25.00 per week
Humidity Box - £5.00 per day; £10.00 per week
Moisture Meter - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Protimeter Surveymaster - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Protimeter Hygromaster - £20.00 per day; £40.00 per week
Dual Grade Laser ML-14 - £65.00 per week
Leica Rugby 100 Laser - Alkaline - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Leica Rugby 100 Laser - Rechargeable - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Sound Meter - £15.00 per day; £30.00 per week
Geo Fennel FET110 Theodolite - £15.00 per day; £30.00 per week
Sokkia DT610 Theodolite - £15.00 per day; £30.00 per week
Leica 100M Power Total Station - £70.00 per week
Leica Builder 306 Total Station - £70.00 per week
Leica R100M Total Station - £70.00 per week
Nestle Wheel & Rail Adapters - £25.00 per day; £50.00 per week
Trumeter Land Wheel - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
Trumeter Road Wheel - £10.00 per day; £20.00 per week
2m Ranging Poles - £5.00 per day; £10.00 per week
Paint Applicator - £10.00 per day; £25.00 per week
Ranging Pole Ring Clamp Tripod - £5.00 per day; £10.00 per week
Staff Support Tripod Jaw Type - £5.00 per day; £10.00 per week

Terms and Conditions of Hire
The following are our terms and conditions of hire.
  • The Equipment let out on hire always remains the property of York Survey Supply Centre. (Hereinafter referred to as the Owner) and the Hirer will not sell or hire out or lend unless by arrangement with the owner.
  • The Hire shall completely indemnify the Owner in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever for injury to persons and/or damage to property caused by or in connection with, or arising out of the use of the Equipment, and in respect of all costs and charges in connection therewith, whether arising under common or statute law.
  • During the continuance of this Agreement, the Hirer will keep the said equipment in good condition and repair and in the case of the damage or loss by fire or otherwise will indemnify the Owner from all loss of and damage to the equipment.
  • The Equipment is to be collected by the Hirer from the Owner’s business premises and returned to the same address on the completion of the hire. Hire commences at time of collection and is deemed to continue until the Equipment is received back by the Owner. No allowance will be made for inclement weather or any other reason whatsoever beyond the Owner’s control.
  • When Equipment is delivered by the Owner in the absence of the Hirer or his representative, the Hire Document shall be forwarded to the Hirer’s address and deemed to be conclusive proof of delivery of the Equipment listed thereon in good clean working order.
  • The Hirer shall not misuse the Equipment. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as supplied (except for fair wear and tear), otherwise a charge for cleaning, reconditioning, renewing or replacing, will be made as considered necessary by the Owner.
  • In the event of any Equipment becoming defective, faulty or stolen, the Hirer must immediately communicate with the Owner who will make every reasonable endeavour to rectify the defect or to supply replacement Equipment.
  • All equipment not returned, for reason of theft, damage, loss or any other cause, will be charged at the Owner’s Standard Selling Price. Hire charges will not be taken into account in calculating amounts due under this clause.
  • Charges are due on presentation of our invoice, and in the event of non-payment, the hiring may be determined forthwith by the Owner giving the Hirer notice in writing without prejudice to any amounts which may have become due to the Owner, and upon such determination the Hirer shall assist the Owner to resume possession of the Owner’s Equipment.
  • In the event of cancelled forward bookings, the full hire charges are still payable if the same equipment cannot be hired to another customer for the same period. In any event 20 per cent of the hire charges will still be payable.
  • Not less than 24 hours notice must be given to the Owner if the Hirer wishes the Equipment to be collected. When Equipment is collected by the Owner a ‘Collection Ticket’ will be issued, but this shall be conclusive only as to quantify and not as to condition. When Equipment out on hire is to be collected from its location by the Owner, on the instructions of the Hirer, the Hirer remains responsible for the safekeeping of the Equipment until collection is effected. 
  • In the event of Equipment not being available for collection by the Owner when the Hirer has specified a collection time a charge will be made for the wasted journey.
  • Although every effort is made to supply all Equipment at the time requested, no liability or responsibility can be accepted in respect of late or non delivery, mechanical breakdown, or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • The Hirer during the continuance of the hiring shall not sell or offer for sale, assign, pledge, underlet or lend the said equipment to any other person and shall not create any lien on the equipment to any other person. The equipment is to be used in the UK only unless by special arrangement with the Owners.
  • Although every possible precaution has been taken to ensure that the equipment is in good serviceable condition no liability whatsoever can be accepted by the Owners for the consequences of any failure or inaccuracies of the equipment. The Hirer is expected to satisfy himself that the equipment is functional before attempting to use it on site.
  • If the Hirer shall make default in any payment or a Receiving order in Bankruptcy be made against them or if they shall call a meeting of their creditors or shall execute an assignment for the benefit of or compound with their creditors or if any execution of distress order shall be issued against the Hirer or if the Hirer being a Limited Company should call a meeting of its creditors or should such Company be wound up compulsorily or go into voluntary liquidation or have a Receiver appointed then the Owner shall forthwith have the right to take possession of the Equipment and shall be entitled to recover from the Hirer all arrears of rental and expenditure and any damages due in respect of any breach of this undertaking.
  • Hire periods: 1 day = 24 hours; 1 week = 7 days; Hire periods over 1 week will be charged at 1/5th of the weekly rate per day.
  • The Owner retains the right of access to any location where the equipment may be, for the purpose of repossessing any Equipment, should the Hirer contravene any of these conditions. Charges arising out of repossession will be made as considered necessary by the Owner.
Company Registration Number: 4865649
These Conditions shall be construed in accordance with English Law.