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60m Pipe Inspection System

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  • Features a 60 metre long fibreglass rod cable and a 50mm∅ heavy duty aluminium camera head that has 30 adjustable white ultra bright LED lights with a scratch-proof sapphire glass camera lens.
  • Water- and dust-proof to IP-68.
  • Capable of withstanding pressures up to 1bar (under water 10m).
  • Ideal for inspection applications in general: floor drains and pipe work, boiler and heat exchanger tubes, steam feed lines, chimneys and ducting.
  • Rugged stainless steel cable frame with two wheels for easy transportation.
  • Powered by a 12V 14W Li-Ion battery.
  • Charge time: 5hrs; Working capacity: over 4hrs
  • 3 camera head skids of 110mm, 150mm and 220mm to aid centralisation and negotiate bends.
  • 315 x 40mm high contrast and high resolution TFT colour display with up, down, left and right adjustment.
  • Distance travelled indicator.
  • 8GB SD Card data storage system with date and time stamp.
  • Capture still images or video with the option of voice-over recording and/or text edit reporting via the keyboard. These data recordings can be saved and attached to reports or e-mails.
  • In the Box: Stainless Steel Cable Frame and Wheels, 60m Cable, Camera Head, 3 Skids, Display Control Monitor, Keyboard, Charger and Battery