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500mm Anchor-Mark

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  • A versatile and economical survey marker which allows for a variety of permanent survey stations to be set. 
  • Easy to install. 
  • Stable and very durable making them ideal for accurate X/Y/Z co-ordination. 
  • Stability - Resistance to horizontal and vertical movement: The Anchor-Marks' tubular shaft is 25mm in diameter which gives a high degree of lateral stability. 
  • The anchoring element at the base will resist 100-200kg of upward force without appreciable movement. 
  • These features create a firm stable survey station resistant to accidental displacement or deliberate movement making them less prone to vandalism. 
  • Complete with a unique reversible aluminium head allowing you to set the marker above ground increasing visibility or flush with the surface giving better stability and resistance to vandalism. 
  • Alternatively unauthorised removal can be prevented with the optional folded galvanised steel head which leaves no area to get fingers underneath. 
  • The optional domed alloy marker head provides a larger more durable plumbing point. 
  • A data disk Allen key marker pen and a stainless steel domed plumbing stud complete the outfit. 
  • An installation kit required for your first purchase, but can be used for all future Anchor-Mark installations.
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