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25mm Mini Prism Pin Pole Outfit

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  • Sectional Pin Pole with a 25mm mini prism. 
  • The Pin Pole has three 10 x 600mm sections which screw together to form a height of 600mm 1.2m or 1.8m. 
  • It has 50mm graduated red & white sections with a removable point plus a hook at the top which allows it to be suspended from roofs or structures. 
  • The removable 25mm mini prism is secured to the pole on a sliding carrier which can be locked anywhere along it's length. 
  • A built in bubble ensures accurate positioning. 
  • The sliding carrier can be removed and used with the prism remotely allowing measurements from the floor or ceiling at a zero offset. 
  • The set comes in a carrying case which houses the individual pole sections and the prism comes in it's own case with accessories.