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25mm Mini Prism Outfit

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  1. Budget mini prism outfit complete with all the accessories needed to complete numerous on site tasks.

    25mm Prism in metal case with protective cover aluminium Mini Prism holder.

    Circular aluminium tilting target in black.

    4 - Fluorescent yellow target arrows (0 offset).

    2 - Fluorescent yellow target arrows (30mm offset).

    Built in circular levelling vial.-30mm or 0 offset.

    Small threaded rear mounting stem with point.

    Height from base to prism centre 69mm.

    5/8" female base.

    Mounting adaptor with 5/8" double ended mount.

    Mounting adaptor has a precision point.

    Mounting adaptor has S hook mount for plumb bob hanging.

    Plumb Line Mount with -30mm or 0 offset.

    Protective carrying case with belt loop.

    Prism can be used with 100mm extension point.