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2.2m Nestle Carbon Prism Pole

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  1. Carbon prism pole for surveying of all kinds in construction and land surveying.

    Outer tube made of carbon. The carbon ensures a comfortable grip even in cold temperatures.

    Tip made of hard metal.

    The scale is indestructible and written with a patented laser engraving.

    Cushioned inner tube - protects prism and staff.

    Locking feature at 1.60m, 1.80m, 2.00m and 2.20m - to secure the use of heavy prisms or GNSS antennas.

    Clamping effect on the complete circumference of the inner tube - the inner tube remains exactly in the middle.
  2. Clamping: Screw clamping, circumferential

    Working range: 128-220cm

    Outer tube diameter: 32mm

    Inner tube diameter: 25mm

    Weight: 840g