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2.15m Prism Pole Screw Clamp (Leica & 5/8'')

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  1. Easy to use prism pole.

    Extend the prism pole to the desired height with one hand and use the other hand to fix it with the clamping screw.

    Yellow powder-coating for easy sighting.

    Sets standards for durability:

    Inner and outer tube are anodized and resistant to any weather influences.

    The outer tube is yellow powder-coated.

    The imprint is done with a scuffproof patent laser engraving.

    Tip made of aluminium with carbide element.

    The carbide tip is force-fitted into the pole and shows no abrasion even after years of hard use.

    Included in the scope of delivery is an adjustable 5/8 adaptor and also a Leica-type adaptor making this versatile pole ideal for any prism.