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18mm Pin-Mark Nail

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  • A new concept in leaving that all-important survey mark in those hard concrete areas. 
  • A unique reference marker with a snap-off head that can be hand driven into the hardest concrete without the need to pre-drill or use cartridge guns. 
  • Has a unique protruding head which can be left as a proud mark. 
  • Alternatively by twisting the setting tool the head can be snapped off leaving the Pin-Mark flush with the surface. 
  • The setting of Pin-Mark is safer and far easier to drive into hard concrete surfaces the head of the Pin-Mark is inserted into the end of the setting tool where it is securely held in position. 
  • The insertion tool is especially hardened has a safety sleeve and is designed to be used with a lump hammer. 
  • Protects the hands and makes the setting of the mark far more accurate. 
  • The Pin-Mark is 18mm under head which is long enough for most applications and can be driven into steel timber and even the hardest concrete. 
  • The protruding pin head stands off the surface approximately 9mm and when used in walls will act as a levelling point. Should you not require the protruding head then it can be snapped off after it has been hammered home leaving a 10mm wide marking head close to the surface. 
  • Quick easy and safe to set :-
    Step 1: Insert the Pin-Mark into the base of the setting tool.
    Step 2: Position the Pin-Mark and drive into the concrete with a lump hammer.
    Step 3: Remove the setting tool to leave the Pin-Mark proud or push and pull to snap off the protruding head.
  • Pack of 100.
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