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'Construction, Surveying & Layout' Book

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  1. A Step-by-Step Field Engineering Methods Manual.

    A unique, practical and complete book for the surveyor, field engineer or student learning construction, surveying and layout.

    This highly illustrated American book contains over 1100 graphics of construction surveying, field and office activities, calculations and tables that are represented in a step-by-step, easy to read format.

    The reader sees how to perform many of the common measurement and calculation activities of field engineering.

    Not only does this book contain material not found in other surveying books, it is a must for training individuals just getting into construction surveying or as a reference for anyone on a construction site involved with measurement and layout.


    Field Engineering Basics

    1.  Scope & Responsibilities

    2.  Communications & Field Engineering

    3.  Getting Started & Organised

    4.  Fieldwork Basics

    5.  Office Basics

    Measurement Basics

    6.  Distance Measurement - Chaining

    7.  Distance Measurement - EDM

    8.  Angle Measurement

    9.  Levelling

    10. Total Station

    11. Construction Lasers For Line & Grade

    12. Equipment Calibration

    Construction Surveying Calculations

    13.  Maths Review * Conversions

    14.  Distance Corrections

    15.  Traverse Computations

    16.  Coordinates in Construction

    17.  Horizontal Curves

    18.  Vertical Curves

    19.  Excavations

    Construction Layout Applications

    20. Distance Applications

    21. Angles & Direction

    22. Levelling Applications

    23. Construction Layout Techniques

    24. Building Control & Layout

    25. One-Person Surveying Techniques

    26. The Punch List


    Appendix A - Practical Problems

    Appendix B - Learning Activities

    Appendix C - Global Positioning System

    Appendix D - Surveying Book List

    Appendix E - Glossary