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Single Disk-Mark - Blue

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  • Manufactured from a tough high impact weather resistant plastic material. 
  • At 54mm wide and with a low profile (3mm) it allows heavy vehicles and pedestrians to run over the top without damage. 
  • The Disk-Mark has a blank area allowing you to record data with a permanent marker pen. 
  • Uses: Survey work, bench marks, setting-out, road openings, resurfacing work, road & car park marking, footpaths, identifying buildings, services, re-instatement / repair areas, trees, walls, setting out pegs and exhibitions. 
  • The Disk-Mark is fixed to tarmac surfaces with the 50mm MAG Nail (code: 209133). 
  • Alternatively Disk-Mark can be adhered to most surfaces with Araldite Rapid a fast setting epoxy resin adhesive. 
  • Disk-Marks are also available in boxes of 100 c/w nails and marker.