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Large Tripod c/w Bottom Self Locking Elevator

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  • This strong and robust tripod is constructed from precision made Swiss aluminium tubing. 
  • Quick acting lockable leg stabilisers give your instrument a very sturdy platform. 
  • Ideal for laser levels, rotating lasers and theodolites, HD Scanners, machine control or any surveying requirements. 
  • It comes with a unique self-locking threadspindle transmission, which is ideal for when the tripod is fully extended to nearly 4m tall. No need for ladders! 
  • Closed height: 1,870mm 
  • Minimum height: 3,300mm 
  • Maximum height (with elevator adaptor): 3,900mm 
  • Leg Tube diameter: 40-45mm  
  • Assembly Height Min.: 1,870mm 
  • Assembly Height Max.: 3,900mm 
  • Height Adjustment & Central Column Diameter: 600 - 50mm 
  • Leg Tube Diameter: 40 - 45mm