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Cross-Country Land Wheel

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  • Designed and built for use over all difficult conditions.
  • The measuring wheel with a circumference of 2m absorbs vibrations much better than a smaller wheel and holds the measuring wheel right on track.
  • Solid spoke wheel made of aluminium die cast metal.
  • Counts forwards and backwards.
  • Zero-set lever on the side of the counter to make quick resets possible. 
  • Solid stand allows your measuring wheel to stand up safely when not in use. 
  • Brake integrated into the stand prevents from unintentional changes of the measuring result. 
  • Foldable handle. 
  • The wheel also has a zero-pointer which is attached as a pendulum on the side of the measuring wheel. Place the zero-pointer exactly above your starting and finishing point and you can be sure to get an exact measurement. 
  • Operating range: 9999.99m
  • Reading: cm
  • Weight: 8kg