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Leica Builder 409 Set Total Station

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  • The Leica Builder Series is specifically designed for non-surveyors, such as site foremen, architects and landscape gardeners, etc. who have no direct surveying education.
  • They are trouble-free, accurate and much quicker than anything on the market available at this price.
  • Many customers are very familiar with co-ordinates in their office based CAD design & drawing packages and the Builder is really just an extension of this environment in the field.
  • Clear and intuitive graphical interface increases workflow.
  • Data can be collected in the field as a series of points and transferred directly to to the CAD package and a design can similarly be uploaded for setting out in the field.
  • Data can be exchanged via USB stick.
  • The Leica PowerSite software has a simple menu structure, which guides the user through each task in terminology that the layman can easily follow and understand.
  • Think of the Builder as the next stage up from a theodolite and tape, but without the hassle of trying to tape over rough ground, etc. and the need to turn right angles off a base line.
  • The Builder will calculate all the angles and measure the distances with the in-built laser. Quick, Efficient, Accurate!
  • An extended working range to prisms of up to 500m/1600ft, the Builder 400 series is the high performer in its league.
  • Features a full alphanumeric keyboard for rapid entry/recall of point numbers.
  • Short range laser distance measurement with 15m/50ft for quick as-builts of inaccessible points.
  • Up to 50,000 points can be stored in the Builder 400 internal memory.
  • Serial RS232 Interface
  • USB Compartment
  • Laser Plummet
  • 1 alphanumeric keyboard
  • Prism Measurement Mode
  • Full internal memory
  • MEAS/REC Switch Key
  • Cell-phone style use
  • Industrial USB Memory Stick
  • USB Type A and mini B
  • Volumes Calculation
  • Data Im/Export to USB Stick
  • Setout by co-ordinates or baseline offset
  • Survey points with codes and point numbers
  • Direct DXF download
  • 1-Man Station
  • Serial Interface
  • Tracking Mode
  • Laser Pointer Switch Key
  • PC/Handheld Interface
  • Laser Distance Measure
  • Control Line Setup
  • FreeStation Setup
  • Theft Protection
  • Pit Stop Alert
  • 3 Languages
  • Electronic Levelling
  • Sector Beep
  • Dual Axis Compensator
  • Endless Drives
  • Laser Plummet
  • Display Heating and Illumination
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Set Delivery
  • Internal Memory (points): 50,000
  • Accuracy/Option: 9
  • Range without reflector (90% reflective): 15m
  • Range to reflective tape (60mm x 90mm): 15m
  • Range to glass prism: 500m
  • Laser Dot Size: At 30m: approx. 7mm x 10mm, At 50m: approx. 8mm x 20mm
  • Weight incl. Battery & Tribrach: 5.1kg
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to +50C
  • Battery Type/Life: Li-Ion/approx. 20 hours*
  • Environmental: IP55
  • Keyboard: Full Alphanumeric
  • Switch Key: dual function
  • *Single Measurement every 30 seconds at 25C with GEb221. Battery time may be shorter if battery is not new.

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